Do people even use direct mail anymore? Let’s discuss.

With the amount of time that people spend utilizing social media and internet platforms, it can be believed that direct mail is dead, and that email marketing and social media are the best ways to get to your customers. While these forms of promotion are still great ways to promote, the common thought that direct mail is dead is extremely far from the truth. Direct mail is still one of the most reliable resources today.  

In 2019, the Data & Marketing Association revealed that direct mail had a 96% engagement rate and result in a 9% return on investment. Looking to learn more? Let’s discuss more about what direct mail is, and how you can utilize it in your marketing strategy.  

What is Direct Mail?  

Direct mail is a form of advertising in which promotional content is sent directly to your consumers’ doors. The most common forms of direct mail that you often see include coupons to fast food restaurants, postcards for real estate firms, and flyers regarding upcoming promotional events in your area. Direct mail is great for businesses that are looking to achieve goals concerning lead generation and consumer retention, as well as businesses with customer loyalty programs.  

Why is Direct Mail Still Relevant Today?

While the myth is that direct mail is irrelevant due to the amount of online content that consumers can interact with, the reason it’s still relevant is due to the opposite.  

Because of the influx of online content, consumers find it refreshing to get a physical product in the mail. With everything from work to play being prominently digital, many consumers have begun going through digital fatigue.  

Consumers want to step away from digital devices. This makes direct mail the perfect opportunity for consumers to do so.  

Finally, direct mail is also still relevant because you can capitalize on experiences that can’t be done digitally! There’s a variety of mailing companies that now offer discounts for direct mailing that wants to offer an experience. This can include mail infused with scents for perfume companies, free samples for food to beauty businesses or even just businesses that want to mail their promotions using holographic paper! The possibilities are endless and go beyond anything that can be sent in an email.  

How Can I Make My Direct Mail Stand Out?

Three ways we would recommend making your mail stand out is to personalize, target, and track it.  

Starting with personalizing, while it may be a tedious task, personalizing your mail can help your customers feel recognized by your business, which will encourage them to interact with your business again. This can help to show the person behind the brand, which studies show make consumers more willing to buy from you. You can also use this to appeal to specific demographics as well, depending on where you are sending your mail.  

One of the biggest advantages of direct mail is the ability to target specific demographics. Many programs allow businesses to send their mail to people based on age, income, household size, and other factors, allowing you to reach your ideal consumer before your competition!  

Finally, it’s important to track. Consider adding a call-to-action or interactive component to your direct mail, which will help you see if your direct mail is achieving the goals it needs to.  

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