Whether your company is hosting a gala, summit, or small work event, having on-brand printed materials can really help take your event to the level.

If you are in the process of planning your next corporate or business event, here are our top printed items you should have to help create a stellar event and generate more leads post-event.

1. Business Cards

Business cards are an essential item to always have on hand during your events. You can put them out on the tables, include them in gift bags, or hand them out while networking.

Business cards give guests the opportunity to learn more about your business once the event is over. They can also assist in possible leads after the event, which is ultimately one of the main goals to hosting the event in the first place.

2. Custom Signage

Debating on getting a staple décor piece for your event? Consider getting a customized sign! Signs can be customized to the actual event you are having, or towards your business. The latter allows you to use it again and again!

Signs come in many different formats and materials. Coroplast signs, vinyl banners, and pull-up banners are all excellent types of signage to promote your business! Not only can these signs be created from a business perspective, but as a guest perspective, too. Nice signs can create opportunities for guest interaction, like photo ops. If the event is outside, signs can also help guests figure out where your event is, allowing for them to avoid getting lost.

3. Booklets/Brochures

Every formal event needs to have some sort of booklet or brochure! This booklet can give your guests all the information that they need about the event. This includes the event’s itinerary, information about your vendors and sponsors, and most importantly, information about your business. Adding that branded touch to your booklet or brochure can also help your business look more professional and stand out during the events. For example, check out this workbook we designed for The Ambitious Female Summit (Link to portfolio post).

4. Branded Gifts

Wouldn’t it be cool to send your guests home with an on-brand souvenir? Whether you create mini notepads, pens, bookmarks, or even stickers. Creating these on-brand gifts can help guests remember you after the event, which can help you develop leads long-term. They can also help to build brand recognition and positive brand attitude.


Looking for help with marketing your next event? We create stunning print marketing materials such as business cards and brochures that can help take your brand’s event to the next level. To get started, get in touch with us at southpointcreativegroup.ca.