While your business can be timeless, brands don’t always stand the test of time.

As years go on and your audience continues to grow and change, sometimes that means your brand needs to adjust to remain fresh and relatable to your audience. This doesn’t you need to redo your entire brand from the ground up. Instead, brand refreshes consist of small adjustments that will adjust the overall look and feel of your brand. 

Unsure if you need to refresh your brand? Here are five signs that now might be the time! 
1. Your messaging has become inconsistent.  

As your business continues to evolve overtime, your brands’ messaging may also need a change. For example, if your brand had a goal of being affordable, but with the rise of costs for supplies, your prices increased, this can cause consumers to be confused because your messaging of affordability no longer corresponds to the price of your product. Having inconsistent messaging can build a lack of trust with your consumers, which will make them unsure about purchasing your product, and therefore result in less sales.  

If your messaging has become inconsistent, consider taking the time to review and refresh it, to make sure it matches your business’ goals and values.  

2. Your brand looks outdated.

 If you created your brand back in the 2000s or 2010s, chances are that it no longer aligns with the visual identities of the 2020s. While it’s important for your branding to remain timeless, sometimes certain colours and fonts can become outdated overtime, which can result in the need for an update.   

If you feel your brand is becoming outdated, take the time to refresh some of your brand elements to be more relevant to the world today, and more specifically, to today’s audience.  

3. Your business is expanding into a new market. 

If you are looking to expand into a new market with your latest product or service, it’s important to refresh your brand to reflect that. Often, we see brands reflect their newly expanded audience by switching their colour palette to more neutral colours or adjusting their messaging to be more inclusive.  

If you’re expanding, consider taking the time to refresh your brand for it to be more enticing to your incoming audience, while remaining relevant to your current one. 

4. Your brand is struggling to stand out.

With the rise of new competition, sometimes your branding can become too similar to other brands, causing you to blend in with the pack. The point of branding is to allow you to stand out, and if your brand is no longer doing that, it’s a clear sign you should refresh it! 

Take the time to adjust your branding in ways that can make you different from the brands around you. This can be done both visually, but also through your messaging and overall brand identity.

5. Your business has undergone significant changes. 

Whether the change in your business is due to a merger, change in audience appeal, or a new business location, brand refreshes are a great way to welcome new changes in your business. 

Use this opportunity as a way to freshen up your branding whether that’s through message adjustment, new colours and typography, or even a tweaked logo! 

Looking for assistance in refreshing your brand? At Southpoint Creative Group, we offer a variety of branding services, from refreshes to logo design to full-service brand development.  

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