While the world has started to gear towards marketing digitally, printed marketing materials are still essential for every business.

Whether you have a physical location or you network at in-person events, having printed marketing materials to provide to potential customers or clients allows you to look more professional and provides you with other ways to spread your branding offline. 

Here are our top 5 printed marketing items that we feel are always essential, no matter what type of business you have!

1. Business Cards

If you don’t have a business card for your business, you’re missing out on a lot of potential opportunities!  They provide potential customers with all the information they need to get in touch with you so that they can purchase your products or book your services. 

Business cards typically include your business’s logo, your business name and/or your name, your website, email address, phone number (if applicable) and any social media profiles you may have. 

Some businesses use business cards for promotional purposes as well, providing discounts to any referrals provided by business cards. You can also add QR codes to your business card so that people can save all your information directly into their phone. 

Business cards are full of endless opportunities for growth, so they are essential to any successful business!

2. Signage

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business, or you participate in a variety of community events, signage allows people to find you. Signage can be in the form of a large sign outside your storefront, a branded tent to bring to pop-up events or even a portable banner! 

Without signs, your business may be hard to find by consumers, especially if you are a small business surrounded by other businesses at an event. 

It’s important for these signs to match your branding. Incorporating your branding into your sign allows you to become more recognizable in a crowded space and stand out from other competitors. 

You can also utilize signage to direct people to where you are. For example, if your location is hidden down a quiet street within a busy area, consider putting out a sign on the busier street to make your business easier to spot. 

Therefore, if you want potential consumers to find you, signage is the way to go!


3. Postcards and Flyers

If you’re looking for printed marketing materials that are more versatile, consider postcards or flyers! 

Postcards and flyers are similar to business cards with their options for portability but are larger in size allowing for more information to be included. They can also be utilized for a variety of reasons. 

First, due to their portability, you can bring postcards and flyers to leave at certain locations or bring to local events, to promote your business. For example, if you own a real estate business and are having an open house, you could bring a flyer about the home for potential buyers to take home with them. 

Postcards and flyers are also great for direct mailing campaigns. Have a target audience or neighbourhood that you’re looking to promote your business to? Send postcards or flyers with your targeted information through the mail to ensure it gets in their hands. 

This marketing material also provides a lot of options for brand incorporation, from the colours and fonts all the way down to the physical material it’s printed in. 


4. Brochures

Sometimes, potential consumers and clients want to be able to receive all the information they need from you through a grab-and-go format. Brochures are a great printed marketing item for that! 

When we say brochure, you may be picturing the traditional tri-folded brochure. While that is something you can create, you can even make brochures that are up to 32 pages long, and open like a book. 

Brochures are especially great for service-based businesses. They provide potential customers with all the information they need about the services you offer, from the description of services to pricing. Brochures are also great for clients who may be in the decision-making phase or may be looking to compare services. 

With the endless options for brochures, they make a great marketing tool for any business.


5. Letterheads and Envelopes

Believe it or not, even administrative materials can be something where marketing can play a big factor in impressing your potential customers! 

Having a branded letterhead on forms, letters, contracts, and even press releases can make your business stand apart and look more professional.  

Printed materials will always be essential to every business, and at Southpoint Creative Group, we can help you create, develop, and print any physical marketing materials you may need. 

Contact us at southpointcreativegroup.ca to elevate your printed marketing materials today!Until next time, Team SCG